VIETNAM 2018 - Visiting Cao Son Primary School

Update: Sep 20, 2021

Cao Son School is located in an upland district of Thanh Hoa province, where the lives of pupils and their families are still facing many difficulties and shortages. Because it is an inter-school (primary and secondary), the number of classrooms is large but the facilities are limited, some classrooms have to be temporarily occupied because 2 of the current classrooms are too old. .Through this year's activity, Aurora and our partners has supported the school to build a new and more solid classroom for students.

We have completed the construstion of the spacious new classroom in about 50 days. On Saturday, December 14, 2019. Our employees, guides, and partners from Thailand attended the inauguration ceremony and handed over the classrooms to the school.

In addition to the new classroom, Aurora also called for donations and received enthusiastic support from our employees and partners from Sealife Group, Hếm Cruises, and Go Thailand Tours. To be specific, we received 5 big boxes of clothes, nearly 1500 books, toys, and pens.

We also received the cash worth 12,150,000 VND used to award 18 scholarship to students, buying new socks, gloves, and some sweets for the students. Moreover, we used the money to assist the school in re-concreting the damaged road.