VIETNAM 2018 - Gifts for Hoa Binh Children Village and the Mental Hospital of Quang Nam Province

Update: Mar 10, 2022

The children and the patients that we met during the trip are truly some of the saddest people in the society. The kids in the Hoa Binh Children Village are mostly abandoned or moved in to escape their poor condition of living. Many patients in Quang Nam Mental Hospital are incurable and would likely to be in the hospital for the rest of their lives. 
As the lights at the end of the tunnels, these organizations took them in and have been nurturing them. Though the conditions are still very much in need of improvement, to many kids and patients there, these organizations are the best things that have ever happened in their tragic lives. They give them a place to stay, food, education, hope for the future and most importantly, the feeling of being cared about. 
We named our event “A Warm Aurora – To Bring the Spring to the Mental Hospital and the Hoa Binh Children Village of Quang Nam”. Besides giving out small souvenirs and snacks, we also donated and installed a washing machine at the children village and a electric water heater at the hospital. The staff of Aurora also cooked a lunch featuring delicious sweet and sour noodle for the mental patients. We really hope that our efforts would leave some positive contributions to the organizations and the people there. 
We truly appreciate the officers of the Department of Economic Security (Da Nang) and the Television Channel of People’s Police (ANTV) – your helps and supports enhance our contributions to the kids and patients and the overall quality of our event. We also would like to thank the Hoa Binh Children Village and the Mental Hospital of Quang Nam Province for such a wonderful hospitality. We wish you all the best.