Founded in the 13th century as Thailand’s first capital, Sukhothai flourished from the mid-13th to the late 14th century and enjoyed a golden age under King Ramkhamhaeng. The religious art and architecture of the era are considered to be the most classic of Thai styles. The superb palaces, temples and monuments of this great city have been lovingly restored in Sukhothai Important sites inside the old city walls include: Wat Mahathat, Wat Sri Sawai, Wat Traphang Thong, Wat Sa Si and Wat Traphang Ngoen.

Things to do in Sukhothai:

  •  Rent a bike and explore the ruins of Old Sukhothai.
  • Visit the park at sunrise and admire the Buddha figures in the orange glow of the morning sun.
  • Pay a visit to the ruins at Si Satchanalai Historic Park, 55 km from new Sukhothai.
  • Walk around the fresh market (In new Sukhothai) in the early morning and try the tastes of many kinds of local food Sukhothai people like to have e. g. sticky rice with deep fried pork, sweet deep fried beef or spicy pork salad wraped with the banana leaf.
  •  Rent a motorbike in new Sukhothai and appreciate the local life style
  •  Have "Sukhothai" Noodle!! - It's a must


Things to eat in Sukhothai:

  • Poo and Kung, Thanon Charodvithitong. This is a Belgian run restaurant offering Thai and Western food and a wide selection of cocktails. From 30 baht for main courses.
  • Chopper Bar, Thanon Pravetnakorn. A rooftop restaurant and bar with good service, live acoustic guitar music, and Thai and Western menu. From 40 baht for main course.
  • Sukhothai Night Market, There are varieties of local food that you can find in the night market in new Sukhothai. The night market is called "To-rung", it also covers the area that the food stolls are along "Rachathani" temple's fence.
  • Kru Eew, One of Sukhothai noodle restaurants in new Sukhothai, there are not only Sukhothai noodle but also Sukhothai style padthai, Vietnamese food, dessert, etc. The restaurant is only opened in the day time which mainly serves for brunch and lunch.
  • Fueng Far, The restaurant that mainly serves for dinner. It could also be a drinking place which you can enjoy sipping beer by the "Yom" river. The food is called "Fish food" - the plenty of Sukhothai local fish (Pla) dish especially spicy dishes e.g. Tom Yom Hua Pla (Fish head tom yum), Look Chin Pla Krai Luak Jim ('Pla Krai' - one type of fish, it's the Pla Krai fish ball boil and dip with spicy suace - recommended), Kob phat kra pao (Stir fried basil frog). The restaurant is located by theYom River, it takes 1 minute by motor bike from the beginning of the "Wat Ku Ha Suwan" Soi. Well, it is not recommended you to walk there because it is quite dark.
  • Shopping:
  • A Buddha figure at the market at the historical park. They are available in all historic styles, sizes and materials. Remember that it is considered bad luck to buy a Buddha for yourself, so you should be buying gifts!
  • Thongchai Wittayu: The biggest electronic store selling electronic stuff which could offer much better price than the department stores and considered the best price in all over Sukhothai. The products are digital cameras, memory cards, mp3, etc. You could only ask around when you are hanging out in new Sukhothai, most of people know the store.

The best time of the year to see Sukhothai is from November to February when the weather is cooler. Other than that you can go any time of the year.

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