For a Warm Winter

For a Warm Winter

                ………With your donation, we can make someday better today
We act – Aurora Travel strongly believes with our donations we can make a better tomorrow. 
For A Warm Winter is a coordinated charity campaign by Aurora Travel & DMC and a local NGO ( to help communities, especially the children in the remote areas of Northern, Vietnam.
By donating  your used clothes, shoes, household items, toys and school supplies, we can help make a difference in the lives of many people in this area.

We win – Aurora Travel & DMC first joined in 2007 with Mua Dong Am to support projects in the Meo Vac district of Ha Giang. Mua Dong Am has been active in this area since their first project in 2007, where Mua Dong Am delivered 5 tons of winter clothes and gave 20 scholarships to students in the Khau Vai Commune.  In 2008, 152 packages of clothes, toys, and school supplies were delivered to nearly 3000 children in four communes, Phan Thanh, Ca Thanh, Thang  Cong, and  Vu Nong in Hoa An District, Cao Bang Province.2009: With continued support from the community and Aurora Travel, we were able to deliver 120 packages of winter clothes, , as well as 120 thick blanketsand more than 2000 packages of school supplies to 623 children from 120 minority families.
2010: Our “Journey Through The Disaster” campaign helped Quang Binh province after a heavy thunderstorm. We also contributed 100 million VND in food and building equipment to help rebuild the area. Necessary living facilities and food value equivelant 100 millions dong was transported to the victims in Quang Binh province.
2011 – 2013: Aurora Travel & DMC distributed 1,000 pairs of shoes, 1,000 cans of condensed milk, packages of school supplies, clothing , and snacks to over 1,000 children in the Meo Vac district of Ha Giang province.
2014 - 2015: Aurora Travel & DMC continued to join hands with For A Warm Winter organization to build 03 in-house bathroom with complete water systems for ethnic little students in Meo Vac, Ha Giang. Besides, hundreds kilograms of goods were collected to sent to them to support these children overcome cold winters.
2018: Aurora Travel & DMC has worked with For A Warm Winter to build new classes for students at Ngai Thau Elementary school, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province. On the occasion of the inauguration, the delegation also organized many activities such as film screening, photography for students, wall painting, and gift 110 gifts for pupils, primary schools Ngai Thau village, including warm clothes, toothbrush set milk, toys. 
Aurora Travel &DMC would like to invite all of you to get involved with our campaigns and add your voice to the chorus for a better future for All those who need it the most.
Your donation not only helps free up your closet space, but it also allows your belongings to be reused by those who your help means   the  world to.  
Your donation not only helps free up your closet space, it allows your donation to be recycled and reused by those to whom your helps may mean a world to. 

How  Can You  Donate ? 
Donate your gently used clothing, shoes, school  supplies, toys, blankets, and mosquito nets to the designated drop-off areas, or at our office.  If you contact us, Aurora Travel& DMC staff can even pick up your donations during your stay in Viet Nam! 

Our charity trip is also open for all those who wish to attend, weather and time permitting, held every December or January. We normally focus on the remote northern provinces, such as Ha Giang, Cao Bang, Lao Cai, Yen Bai,  where mass tourism has not yet begun.  
Our contact details:

Add: VINARE Building, Le Duan street, Hoan Kiem Dist., Ha Noi, Viet Nam
E: or via your direct travel consultant
T: +84 24 3747 2597 
Facebook : Page Mua Dong Am
Thank you very much for your attention.
Aurora Travel & DMC Team
No one has ever become poor by giving !