12/4/2020 3:55:21 AM

Indonesian government has offered foreign travelers with “Special Business Visa” (SBV) during Pandemic, which is requested to and approved by the Ministry of Economy. Business people can combine the 10-14 day “business trips” with tourism purposes. 

Aurora Travel & DMC provides Indonesian “Special Business Visa” (E-visa type), in which our partner in Indonesia is the sponsor for a Business Trip of a “business person”. This Visa is long term visa, for stay from 60 to 180 days. 

Indonesian Business Visa Package includes:
      A.    Special Business Visa 
      B.    Hotel and/or Villa Reservation (at least 10-14 days)
      C.    Domestic ticket and Transfer service 
      D.    Transfer from the airport to the quarantine hotel

In order to apply for this Business Visa, there are some required documents (all documents must be in English or translated into English)

      1.1    Scan copy of Passport - at least 12-month validity
      1.2    Professional Bio and Scan copy of Business Card
      1.3    Contact Information - email and mobile phone number with the country code
      1.4    Flight Reservation – air reservation with returning date match with your length you applied for. Many airlines still fly to Jakarta including: QR, EK, SQ, CX, ANA, JAL. 
      1.5    Travel Insurance – worth at least 100’000 USD, travel insurance covering Covid-19 medical expenses 
      1.6    Covid Free Health Certificate - a health certificate declaring a free from COVID-19 by a competent authority; certificate must be issued within 7 days to applying date
      1.7    Willingness Statement Letter to Quarantine – if contracted with the Covid-19 when you arrive or during stay in Indonesia

Documents if you travel with family (in English or translated to English):
      1.8    Marriage Certificate
      1.9    Birth Certificate 
Note: Suggested maximum for a family Business Visa is 4-6 people

      2.1.    The Visa will be processed when we receive all above documents 
      2.2.    It takes 5-7 working days to process E-Special Business Visa 
      2.3.    After approved by the Ministry of Economy, the E-visa will be issued

If you have any question on Special Business Visa to Indonesia, please contact us at We are always ready to support you


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