Thailand tours

Thailand tours

Thailand tours

Thailand has long been regarded as Southeast Asia’s top tourist destination. The local hospitality, delectable cuisine, ancient ruins and temples, white sandy beaches, and unspoiled islands are famous the world over. The Thai people have had a long history of welcoming foreigners to this precious kingdom as tourism has existed in Thailand for centuries, and in many ways traveling here is just as spectacular now as it was then.

Northern Thailand is about touring interesting villages and impressive mountain ranges whereas in Southern Thailand you can have a real vacation on some of the most beautiful and famous beaches in the world.

A holiday in Thailand is on everyone’s wish list and Auroratravel can provide something extra by combining it with tours of the surrounding countries including Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

  • Too many islands, too little time! Thailand has a lot more than its fair share of beautiful slices of paradise and for a first time visitor, we have a great combination on offer from the rarely visited Koh Mook and tranquil Koh Kradan to stunning Koh Phi Phi and the hidden gems of Phuket.

  • Explore this captivating land of smiles in style with a variety of engaging cultural experiences including a rarely visited floating market in the countryside, a journey on the river of kings to discover the ancient ruins of the former Siamese capital and the electric, modern life in Bangkok. Our 4 day cruise from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is a unique way to experience the different flavors of Thailand today, from traditional villages to pulsating cities.

  • 8 days to explore the most highlighted of Thailand: exotic Bangkok: sightseeing, shopping; visiting Bang Pa-In, a former royal palace then cruising to Ayutthaya; taking a tour to Sukhothai and Lampang and discovering peaceful and pretty Chiang Mai

  • Unbeatable chances to discover the natural Northern areas of Thailand: Main attractions in Ayutthaya and Lopburi; Famous temples in Sukhothai; Chiang Rai and Golden Triangle Chiang Mai