Charity trip to Ha Giang

3/4/2015 4:03:09 AM

This trip is part of the charity campaign to support poor children in Sung Mang Commune, Meo Vac dist, Ha Giang. Sung Mang is a mountainous town, located 500 km away from Hanoi, at the far north eastern of Ha Giang province. 96% of local people are Dao ethnic minority, living in poor conditions. In the winter, the temperature here is usually under 5 degree Celsius or sometime below 0. However, the children are living in poverty and in short of warm clothes in winter. They even have to go a long distance to take water and have to use open-air bathrooms to take bath.

The first trip departed on 24 December 2014 to build the bathrooms and water system. On this second trip, Aurora Travel and For a warm winter completed the bathrooms with paintings, clean the surrounding areas, built shelves, book cases and set up a small library for Sung Mang Elementary School. Many gifts were also given to children who had good studying results in 2014.

“Visiting the school and seeing the real conditions of the pupils here, I myself feel that, our action and sharing is not only the warmth for their body but also the deep warmth for their heart and soul”, Pham Tuyen shared.

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