COVID-19 Updates in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar – 11 March 2020

3/11/2020 11:54:07 PM

Despite the fact that there are new COVID-19 infected cases in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand in the last few days, people’s awareness in the region has never been higher and they have implemented several prevention measures to protect themselves as well as the community. Most of the daily activities are operated as normal.

Updates in each country:


Vietnam now has 38 patients of coronavirus, with 22 new infected cases confirmed in the last 5 days.

All people travelling to Vietnam have to fill out the health declaration either before boarding via website or by scanning the QR code provided at the point of entry with their phone.

On arrival, travelers will be checked the temperature. And if they have any symptoms of illness, they will be quarantined for 14 days. In this case, they have to bear all costs, depending on how serious they are.

Vietnam authorities have also temporarily closed some tourist sites for sanitizing. In Halong Bay, all day/overnight cruises and some cultural sites are also closed for 2 weeks, starting from 12 March

Aurora Travel & DMC is now revising the tour itineraries and will replace with other attractions to make sure the clients’ smooth and enjoyable trips.

The visa waiver program for citizens of Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Spain was temporarily canceled. From 10 March, you need to send Aurora Travel the clients’ copies of international flight tickets and passports so that we proceed to apply for the Visa on Arrival Approval Letter for clients before entering Vietnam.


Thailand recorded 59 infected patients, among which 34 were cured, 24 remained in hospitals and 1 died.

Before entering Thailand, people will be screened for temperature and symptoms. Moreover, Thailand required travellers from Covid-19 infected countries and territories (South Korea, mainland China, Italy, Iran, Macau and Hong Kong) to produce medical certificates prior to boarding their flights to Thailand. The country also imposed compulsory measures for all inbound arrivals, including providing personal information and contact information such as mobile phone numbers and email addresses when doing the immigration process from this Thursday, 12 March.

Today, Thailand cancelled the grant of visa on arrival for 18 countries (including Mexico, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Romania, Russia, India...) and visa exemption for three others (South Korea, Italy and Hong Kong) to contain the spread of the COVID-19.


Cambodia confirmed the third case of COVID-19 on 10 March. The first case was recovered and discharged from the hospital.

Temperature checking on arrival in Cambodia is required for all travelers.

Laos & Myanmar remain no COVID-19 infected case. Yet, all travelers are checked temperature on arrival as in other countries.

Countries Total Cases Total Deaths Total Recovered Remained in Hospitals
Vietnam 38 0 16 22
Thailand 59 1 34 24
Cambodia 3 0 1 2
Laos 0 0 0 0
Myanmar 0 0 0 0


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