Updated number of COVID-19 confirmed/ recovered cases in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar

2/20/2020 8:43:15 PM

No new case of COVID-19 infection has been reported in the region since 18 February. The number of cured patients in Vietnam and Thailand has also optimistically increased. The below table sums up the confirmed and recovered cases in these countries up to 20 February

Countries Infected Cases Recovered Cases Remained in Hospitals
Vietnam 16 15 1
Thailand 35 17 18
Cambodia 1 1 0
Laos 0 0 0
Myanmar 0 0 0

WHO and other international organizations praised Vietnam for the effective monitoring and controlling COVID-19 disease since its outbreak. The Israel Embassy in Vietnam created a video to show their thoughts and supports to encourage Vietnam, especially people in Son Loi Commune, Vinh Phuc province where most of confirmed cases were,  https://www.facebook.com/IsraelinVietnam/videos/844710382644104/

In Cambodia, the MS Westerdam cruise ship was allowed to dock at the port of Sihanoukville and the disembarking passengers were welcomed by Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen himself. The US Ambassador to Cambodia and his family also came to greet and talked to the passengers. On 16 February, a woman who had been on the ship tested positive for COVID-19 in Malaysia. However, there is no more infected case reported among the Westerdam cruise passengers since then

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