Coronavirus in Vietnam is under good control

2/14/2020 7:49:05 PM

Until 13 February 2020, Vietnam has reported 16 people infected with the COVID-19, in which 7 were cured and released from the hospitals.

The new infected cases are family members or those who have close contact with the patient returned from Wuhan. They are all living in Son Loi Commune, Vinh Phuc province. Vietnamese Government, therefore, has put this Commune under quarantine for 14 days from 13 February to efficiently control the outbreak as well as to guarantee that people in other regions are safe. The Vietnamese Authorities said that “Everything is still under control. We are putting in every effort and believe we'll be able to contain it”. Among 7 cured people, 3 are from Son Loi Commune. There is no panic as we all understand that this is a strict and necessary action to protect us.

Many schools in other cities or provinces that have no infected cases will open from next Monday, 17 February. It is indicated that the situation is controlled very well. Treatments and prevention measures have been effectively implemented. This isolated commune is nearly 50km from Hanoi and isn’t included in any tour itinerary or near the tourist attractions. Our clients feel safe and fully enjoy the journeys. Feedback videos of clients who visited Hanoi on 10 to 13 February could be seen as below:

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