New Covid-19 cases in Vietnam

7/28/2020 6:26:31 AM

After more than 3 months with no new locally transmitted case of coronavirus Covid-19 cases, on 26 July, Vietnam confirmed its 416 infected patient in Danang.
Since then 14 cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed so the Vietnamese government has issued urgent and strict measures to contain the COVID-19 outbreak. Social distancing has been implemented in the central city of Da Nang on July 28.  All domestic flights to/from Da Nang temporarily suspended for 15 days. No tourists are allowed to enter the city for 14 days and those who are in Danang must return to their homes. All non-essential services including cinemas, clubs and bars, massage parlors, karaoke lounges and online game centers must be temporarily closed.
However, this lockdown is applied for Danang city only, and domestic travel in Vietnam can still continue. 


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