Tourist Feel Safe When Travelling with Aurora

2/14/2020 7:48:16 PM

Since the coronavirus outbreak, all of Aurora Travel staff has worked at their best to ensure the safety of our clients. Our sales staff has informed the situation in advance to all clients and our tour guides take all necessary actions to protect the customers’ health. Therefore, our clients have no fear of the coronavirus situation and happily enjoy their trips in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand. Here are some up-to-date feedbacks from them that we have recorded on 10 and 11 February:

English clients:

French clients:

Italian clients:

Spanish clients:

The numbers of recovered patients also optimistically increased. Up to now, the numbers of patients discharged from the hospitals are 6 out of 15 in Vietnam; 10 out of 32 in Thailand and 1 out of 1 in Cambodia.

In globally, the number of recovered cases also increased critically, 775 people from 3,322 to 4,097. The number of coronavirus confirmed cases has been stabled last few days.

We are always ready to provide you more information about the situation. If you have any concerns or requests, please kindly send to us at


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